When the flood had occurred at the time of Noah, Al-Judi Mountain happened to be the chosen place for the ARK to land on, indicating for the beginning of a new good and blessed life. Following the same principle, A group of well- known businessmen in the field of food Industry, AL-Helaly & AL-Mawardy Co. and other partners, have established a new company in 1999, under the name of (JABAL AL-JUDI), to bring forth a new meaning to the industry of conserving and canning Fruits and Vegetables and all that ramify from it. And as the Ark had gathered aboard the best kinds of speciesat that time, Jabal Al-Judi has also made a big step forward in the beginning of the third millennium and revived the traditional inherited industry methods by presenting a distinguished product, carrying the same properties of the traditional one, in a most advanced technological means to up-date with this century's development, and to fulfill the international specifications and standards.

We are looking forward to achieve the old dream of manufacturing an international high quality product, and change the old idea that says, "Nothing compares with our home- made". to achieve this purpose, we have followed the same ways that a Syrian house- Wife would use for stocking provisions for her home, such as Jams, Pickles, Vegetables, Fruits.. etc.
Our modern way of canning assures content high quality products, long lasting and durable natural flavor. In our process of production, we follow all healthy measures required, and use best canning method by sterilizing the tin cans, and attaining the required pressure without disinfecting the contents.

AL-Helaly & AL-Mawardy Co.
Syria, Damascus
P.O.BOX: 33350
P: +963-11-5233709
F: +963-11-5223081